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Chemical Peels

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Chemical Exfoliation

treatment time: 30 min

Potent Concentrations with high levels of active ingredients, an army of antioxidants to defend against harmful free radicals to ensure healthier skin. Both superficial & deep peel options available.  Recommended frequency varies on concern.  Skin therapy consultation required prior to initial peel treatment. Click the "Changed Lives" tab to view clients that achieved optimal results by following both our peel treatment & at-home regimen recommendations.

Superficial Options

Flower Enzyme (organic)  $85

Revitalizes the skin with fruit enzymes that gently remove superficial dead skin cells. Flower extracts contribute mild organic acids to gently stimulate & tone skin while providing antioxidant protection.

 Recommended for: all skin types, this peel is just the organic touch you need for skin that is sensitive to Hydroxy Acids and/or physical exfoliants.

Flash Exfoliation  $35  Spot Peel Boost $20

20 minute mini peel treatment using Dermalogica professional exfoliation system to: 

  • resurface & brighten skin to help diminish the appearance of fine lines & improve elasticity

Lactic 15%  $85

Improves the appearance of fine lines with exfoliation and moisture retention.

Recommended for: “first timers”, dry skin, uneven tone, aging skin, dull & sensitive skin.

Salicylic 30%  $85

Deep cleanses pores with antiseptic properties, treats acne & rejuvenates skin.

 Recommended for: acne prone, uneven tone & texture.

Glycolic 30%/60%  $100

Aggressively promotes the repair and regeneration of skin, aiding in the elimination of actinic keratosis and improves the appearance of aging skin.

 Recommended for: uneven tone, aging skin, acne-prone & ingrown hair sufferers. 

Glycolic 30% + Salicylic 10% (layered)  $115

Recommend for mild acne sufferers, & individuals that sufferer from mila, clog pores, &/or black heads. Smooths uneven texture

Glycolic  30% + Salicylic 30% (layered)  $135

Recommended for moderate to severe acne prone, uneven texture, aging skin, and fine/deep lines.

Medium Strength Options

Glycolic 60% + Salicylic 30% (layered)  $140

Recommended for acne prone, uneven texture aging skin, and fine/deep lines. *Not for sensitive skin types.

Modified Jessner 14%  $125

A synergy of effective acids to help reduce the appearance of melasma, freckles, and mild cases of rosacea.

Recommended for: dull skin, fine lines, superficial scar tissue, uneven tone, aging skin, acne prone skin.

Deep Strength Options

*a minimum of 3 superficial recommend prior to deep peel treatment

 TCA (Med/Deep) $150

This peel option goes deeper than superficial peels, penetrating through all five layers of the epidermis to the top layer of the dermis.

 Kojic Acid (deep) $150

AHA deep strength peel penetrates the epidermis as well as superficial layers of the dermis. Effectively treats hyperpigmentation, acne, & scarring.

Glycolic 70% (layered)  $150

AHA deep strength option for mature, uneven, severe sun damage, or significant aging.

Fusion Peel (Multi-acid)  $150

Multi-acid, multi-enzyme treatment, for extreme hyper-pigmentation/sun damaged skin, cystic acne skin types, &/or deep wrinkled skin.  

Spot Peel  $20/$25

Can be added to any facial or microzone treatment. Focuses on one specific area.

Back Peel  

treatment time: 30minutes

Superficial $125     Deep  $165     Spot Peel  $75

Back peel is designed to cater to individuals that experience acne and/or hyperpigmentation (dark spots).  Includes full back


Includes both superficial, med, & deep + Modality   technology.

*Master Skin Therapist, Nancy Young will determine the best peel regimen for your skin type & concern.

  • 4-pack  $510 (reg. $600)  Savings $90
  • 6-pack  $600 (reg. $750)  Savings $150
  • 9-pack $945 (reg. $1350)  Savings $405
  • 12-pack $1170 (reg. $1800) Savings $630

*expiration 6 months after activation *packages/treatments/product non-refundable *50/50 payment options available upon request


 Chemical Peel FAQs

1) Are peels right for you?

Conditions such as acne, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dehydration, actinic keratosis, melasma, hyperpigmentation, dullness, and anyone looking to achieve brighter, smoother skin will benefit from chemical peels.

2) Do peels hurt?

The level of pain varies in every client. A very warm and tingly sensation will be felt on the skin. Any pain beyond that should be reported to your esthetician immediately so that the peel can be neutralized. The skin builds a tolerance to peels and pain should become less severe over time.

3) There are so many types of peels. How do I choose which peel is right for me?

Your esthetician will determine what type of peel is best for you. We offer:

4) Is there any downtime after a peel?

Some things to consider after a peel will be slight dryness or tightness accompanied by redness and sloughing of the epidermis. No downtime is required, but you may want to plan peels accordingly with your schedule if these symptoms are bothersome to you. Redness and sloughing vary among clients and the aggressiveness of the peel.
Active facial rash, sunburn, pregnancy or lactating, Accutane usage, diabetes, serious illness, open/unidentified lesions, deficient immune system, recent laser or resurfacing surgery, high blood pressure, heart disease, any type of dermatitis, including eczema, psoriasis, sebborhea.

5) Can peels be administered to every ethnicity?

Yes, but risk such as keloids, discoloration, scar atrophy, increased pore size and
prolonged healing are associated with clients of central, east, West African, Eritrean, Ethiopian, North African and Middle East Arabic decent. Clients who are of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Polynesian decent are also considered at risk for healing complications. With any peel, there is risk of healing complications. This is why it is imperative that you are honest with your skin therapist about your medical history, current home regimen, medications, and lifestyle.


6) How should I prepare for a peel?
Exfoliate using a natural or organic base skin care line, such as Dermalogica or Naturopathica.  Following a prescribed skin care regimen is recommend for the best results.  Click on the "Changed Lives" tab to view some of our clients that followed both our peel and at-home recommendations.  Separate Face Mapping consultations can be scheduled prior to the initial peel for product recommendations. 

7) How do I care for my skin after a peel?

Your skin therapist will recommend a regimen for you to follow at home. Discontinue use of Hydroxy acids or Retinol after treatment. Do not use harsh scrubs or a loofah post treatment. Avoid sun exposure and protect using Super Sensitive Shield or prescribed SPF. Avoid vigorous activity, extreme heat, swimming, hot showers, steam, alcohol, and irritating fabrics. Do not pick skin, this will cause hyper-pigmentation.

8) What type of results is generally expected?

4 to 6 treatments are recommended to see results. Clients may see full results after
4 treatments while others may require as many as 12. This will be discussed during

your consultation & various on the skin's condition.  Superficial peels do not reach the dermis. Any pigmentation in the dermis would need additional treatment, deep peels. Conditions that respond best to chemical peels are marks from normal to excessive sun exposure, melasma, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation from injury or acne. It is important to remember that all the progress you make while completing a series of peels can be undone without proper home care, especially adequate daylight defense. This is the same for any treatment you receive at our studio. Facials and peels work best when care is continued at home.