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Jungle Vibes: Skin Care the Polynesian way

Nancy Young

Three hours partnered with 1000+ foot elevation, and about 27 mosquito bites later I made it to the top of an inactive volcano.  Well, not quite to the highest peak but the top of the first leg. 
The massively dense piece of land was lush and green. Needless to say, we stumbled on some cool shit throughout our three hour trek. Almost at every turn wild roosters, chickens, & their furry little Chiclets would run and scramble to hide.  Wild Boar would peak their snarly nostrils out from underneath the foliage, letting out a "gasley" snort that would make the birds scatter. Vines hung from tree to tree, thick like rope. Trees with the thickest roots you've ever seen and as tall as sky scrapers. Yep, we were balls deep in nature. 

As we moved closer into the thick of it, our guide points out jungle "ginger flowers." Seconds later he pulls one of the buds from its vine and starts squeezing a delicious smelling soapy substance that reminded me of the beCalm Gel Cleanser. "What is this sorcery?" I asked. By this point my jaw had already hit the forest floor because I am in love with anything spa related of course. This beautiful cherry red blossom can be used to cleanse your hair and skin. The scent is natures natural insect repellent. An actual organic emulsification system that lathers naturally. WOWZA!

Not even 10 minutes went by of me picking my jaw up off the ground when we stumbled on the "Cordioyne". The "good vibe" plant, used during ancient times by natives to ward off evil spirits and has roots that when grounded up turns in to sugar.

You're probably thinking about baking and I'm over here like, EXFOLIATION.  Yes please!! I'm imagining how gloriously soft your skin could be after squeezing out some organic ginger body wash to cleanse, following that up with some grounded root sugar, to scrub away the dead skin. Glorious day that would be indeed. 

Modern World Skin Care

Just in case you want to skip the jungle excursion, there's easier ways to cleanse and exfoliate. 

Top Picks:

  • beCalm Cleansing Gel with: Blue Lotus & Chamomile

  • Hair & Scalp Nourishing Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner with: Argan oil, Green Tea, & Aloe &

  • Chicken Skin Facial & Body Exfoliate infused with flower extracts & jojoba encapsulated micro-spheres that roll over the skin without abrasiveness.