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R E M E D Y: Healing Herbal Treatment Tea (11-13 cups)

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Our tea's are Ayurvedic tea blends carefully crafted from organic sources, caffeine free herbal remedies that balance one's doshas.  Ayurvedic teas are India's traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more then 5,000 years.

Ayurveda=Science of life.

R E M E D Y: Healing Herbal Treatment Tea (11-13 cups)

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R E M E D Y: Healing Herbal Treatment Tea (11-13 cups)


Boost your bodies immunity with this ultimate internal remedy.  Lemon grass offers a mild sedative, while reducing fever symptoms, respiratory distress, & sore throats. Cardamon has antibacterial properties, while Echinacea root, Elderberries, Eleuthero roots, and rose hips soothe & heal.

Super Powers:

  • Lemon Grass: mild sedative, helps reduce cholesterol. Builds immunity helping the body to naturally reduce fevers
  • Mint: contains aromatic compounds that increase production of digestive fluids, respiratory distress, & sore throats.
  • Raspberry Leaves: best herb for women's health, full of vitamins & minerals that support healthy hormonal levels & strengthens female reproductive organs.
  • Cardamon: assists in digestion & detoxification. Has antibacterial properties.

Taste Buds: Cooling, Soothing, & Sweet

Ingredients: Nettle Leaf; Peppermint Leaf: Echinacea Root: Echinacea Tops; ; Elderberries; Eleuthero Root; Organic Rose Hips; Lemon grass; Mint; Raspberry leaves; Cardmom; Licorice; Mallow; and Rose petals. *Caffeine Free

Caution: dbts Skin Bar & it's professionals are not licensed physicians, we recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are on a specific medication(s), pregnant, or nursing. Our treatment teas, tonics, & concoctions are caffeine free & were created to help promote a healthy skin and body from the inside. Our teas, tonics, & concoctions are loose leaf, & our blends are from organic sources. It is recommended that you use a tea press or strainer when steeping. These products are not necessarily intended for children & can affect individuals differently.  A healthy lifestyle is recommended in order to boost the effectiveness of our blends. 

-BeWell Friends

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